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A multi-award-winning practice, we bring decades of collective experience to the table. Even if you haven’t worked with us yet, no doubt you’ll recognise our many buildings around Christchurch, not to mention our iconic homes dotting our suburbs (and beyond). At Walker Architecture we strive for exceptional outcomes and architecture of the highest standard – while taking time to have fun along the way.

Refreshingly approachable

Architecture can be intimidating for those who aren’t in the industry. At Walker Architecture, we’re different. We don’t use confusing industry jargon or put ourselves on a pedestal. We’re all about making the process as relaxing and enjoyable for our clients as possible. When you visit, you’ll find yourself in a warm and welcoming place. It’s home to us and we want you to feel at home here too.

People with heart

We’re passionate about the people who work for us and with us. A close-knit team, we punch well above our weight drawing on our own skills as well as those of trusted consultants and contractors. Our core team is led by Jason Walker, a life-long Architectural Designer who has designed dozens of homes and commercial buildings, including Christchurch’s new Press Building and the HSBC Tower.

Your budget is our bible

One of the first questions we ask our clients is, “how much do you want to spend?” Then we design to that figure. As much as we love architecture and design our job is to meet your needs, not create puff pieces for ourselves or encourage unachievable aspirations in our clients. Getting the highest standard of design out of any budget you set is a challenge we relish and a promise we stick to.

End-to-end experts

At Walker Architecture we have the skills and experience to deliver at any – or indeed, every – stage. If you’re a developer who wants to build a five-star hotel, we can do it all from feasibility and design through to consenting and construction. Or, if the hotel is already built and you simply need a stunning interior, we can hone in on that. It’s about adapting our range of services to meet your needs.