Lakeside Village Centre,
Te Kauwhata

Located in the heart of new residential development this hub provides valued local resources offering mixed retail and commercial uses including office and retail space, with a general store, childcare centre, café and restaurant. With elevated views towards Lake Waikare the centre is a go-to destination for the wider area and focus for the local community.

In response to a clear brief outlining functional requirements, we progressed a conceptual design and aspirational vision for the village centre. After a successful presentation, we were selected to progress this design into a built reality. Working in close collaboration with our client, the Winton Group, the project was completed in 2023 and now offers valuable amenities to residents of the Lakeside community.

To create a recognisable streetscape distinctive angled and horizontal roof forms provide identity to the different buildings and visual interest through a varied architectural language. Using a combination of cedar timber, standing seam and stone cladding our selection of materials have been carefully chosen to inform a varied yet cohesive streetscape with a clear identity to each of the different buildings.

Roof overhangs, covered walkways, canopies and outdoor seating areas have been positioned to provide shelter and shading where required while also maximising the envious views from the site. Internally, the generous glazed openings provide a high level of natural lighting and a connection to the outdoor space resulting in healthy working and recreational environments.