OneStaff House,

OneStaff House is a mixed-use complex encompassing retail, multiple commercial spaces and two residential units over four levels. Our aim for this project was to deliver a strong and dynamic spatial experience for tenants and passersby, both structurally and through selective interior detail.

By splitting the building into distinct forms (circulation and commercial/residential) we were able to accentuate the bold structural simplicity of the facade. From the front, the building is perceived as a two-dimensional set of parallel planes, placed one behind the other with striking effect.

Our vision for the interior was a space that felt both harmonious and pragmatic, allowing daily activity to develop organically. With each interior needing to provide a specific and unique experience for the user, we selected materials that would naturally keep texture, light and shade at the fore. In the circulation area we achieved a raw, industrial feel, leaving various concrete finishes exposed in reference to the main tenant’s construction business.